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Projection screens

Big projection screens are subject to considerable wind loads when employed in open-air applications.
The AIRSCREEN projection screens employed by us are the currently best variant available for a foolproof screen installation outdoors. In case of an incoming storm or also outside of operating hours at night or during the day, AIRSCREEN projection screens may be safely deposited on the ground within just a few seconds. The re-erection of an AIRSCREEN usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes only, being the reason why AIRSCREEN projection screens are usually acknowledged by the construction authorities from a safety point of view, particularly since all of our products come with an inspection logbook for flying structures in accordance with DIN EN 13814. The client will thus always be on the safe side vis-à-vis the approval authorities of the municipal administrations.
But there are also important economic reasons for the use of an AIRSCREEN: Short build-up times for the initial erection of not more than 2 hours, compact transport volume, and minimal staffing requirements.  This is the reason why we have exclusively been utilizing the AIRSCREEN technology for more than 17 years now and why we have unlimited trust in our partners of The AIRSCREEN Company in Münster, who offer the highest of quality for their AIRSCREEN projection screens under the motto “Made in Germany”.
Assembly diagrams for screens




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